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“Those holding public office do not reflect the values of the electorate; they merely represent the values of those voting in the last election.” David Barton

If we are to begin to recapture the culture for Christ, we must elect Godly men and women to public office. If we are to elect Godly men and women to public office, Godly men and women must cast their ballots on Election Day.


"Working together, we can make a difference if we are able to register 5,000 new Values Voters in Silicon Valley by the November election. The Values Advocacy Council has launched an aggressive Values Voter Registration Campaign in churches throughout Silicon Valley. We will sponsor Values Voter Registration Sundays September 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th and October 7th and 14th to facilitate church registration efforts."

Consider becoming your church Watchmen Ministry Leader to help lead the Values Voter Registration Campaign in your church. The Values Advocacy Council will provide training and the collateral materials necessary to help those in your church fulfill the 5 Duties of a Christian Citizen.

VAC Action, the Values Advocacy Council legislative affiliate, will make available its Values Voter Guide during the last week of September and as well as other family values based voter guides. By reporting a candidate’s position on issues of biblical interest and looking at ballot propositions through the prism of biblical values, these voter guides will help the Christian voter cast an informed vote.

If Values Voters don’t vote, then our values will not be reflected by those making decisions on public social policy and how our tax dollars will be spent. We must make a concerted effort to have each Values Voter vote in the November elections!

You can help!

Five Duties of a Christian Citizen

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